Pay as you use mattress


Enjoy security and peace of mind with our Metered System.

This system provides you with the freedom and flexibility to always have a pressure care system available for use on demand without carrying the cost of renting or purchasing, you only pay for when you use.

  • A digital clock records the hours the product has been in use
  • Each month a metre reading is taken
  • You are invoiced on a monthly basis for hours it has been used
  • Switch off the product and no costs are incurred

Enjoy the benefit of full control and flexibility

  • Always enjoy the security and peace of mind with our unique system
  • Always have a product for immediate use without cost
  • Never be put in a position where you have to compromise continuing patient care
  • Never leave yourself open to litigation
  • Never be committed to a cost that you can’t control
  • Always be in control of product and costs
  • NO Cleaning / Decontaminating Cost
  • NO Repairs


We know that systems occasionally breakdown or fail. With SMS you simply commission the spare system and call us to collect and replace your failed system.
SMS put you in control whilst keeping your finance department happy. We operate a 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year call out service delivering to care homes nationwide.  Our dedicated team listen to your individual requirements and customise a solution to fit your specific needs.